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Pictures of some of our previous and present guests

Kristina (left) from Croatia     June 22nd - July 10th 2015

and Raquel (right) from Portugal     June 22nd - July 13th 2015


( Kristina and Raquel had to abode in Trinidad for a couple months, due to conditions beyond their control. During this period, the Hope Centre was able to extend support via accomodation, as they raised the funds required to travel via working in diverse locations in northeast Trinidad. )


Akilah (left) and her six children       December 17th 2014 - March 1st 2015

Hope Centre Outreach support      March 1st - August 9th 2015

(Akilah fled from an abusive relationship)

Miss Louisa and her daughter Christie (right)

August 9th - September 16th 2015

(Miss Louisa fled from an abusive relationship)


Zaria with her daughters Mercy (5 months) and Miracle (2 years old)

March 6th - September 26th, 2016

(Temporarily displacement)


Please note:

         Not all of our guests has been listed, due to respect of their privacy and protection. 

We are always in the process of updating our website, so please do stay tuned for further updates.


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