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What is the future we are creating?


Trinidad and Tobago Hope Centre is a non-profitable organization. That is registered under the republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The organization registration number is C2013041602777.


The Hope Centre is unique in its operation. It is self-sufficient as an operation. Offering to our “guests,” shelter, food, healthcare, recreation, education, training, employment, restoration , making each and every one marketable to face the world again and be productive contributors to the society at large and most importantly to God’s kingdom.




Future plans to expand

Future - The Hope Centres would comprise of housing facilities for a startup number of fifty (50) adult males, fifty (50) junior males, fifty (50) adult females and fifty (50) junior females and an Orphanage housing (25) children. There will also be an administrative building, shelter/soup kitchen for daily walk-ins and people in need of food. Included will be a Health facility, Classrooms, Recreation facilities, special guests accommodations, Bakery, Chapel and Hall.


A two story building will be designated for classrooms and training. This will be the educational facility for the Centre. Basic Mathematics and English will be taught and training will range from Bee-rearing, Sewing, Livestock rearing, Carpentry, and Computer repairs, to name a few; as it is the intention that the guests of the Hope Centre be a crucial part of the daily operations ranging from cleaning and maintenance to livestock attendance.


 Why It Matters?

As the Centre progresses from strength to strength to be self sufficient, guests will have the opportunity of hands-on training in the different areas, and also helping to minimize operation cost of the centre and while simultaneously nurturing self-esteem to all guests going through the programmes.


We believe this is crucial as these guests who once felt neglected and isolated, will now have a sense of belonging. Instructors will be volunteers and persons enrolled on the payroll of the Hope Centre.



A recreation facility will comprise of both indoor and outdoor facilities, from swings and slides for our junior guests, in addition with a basketball court and swimming pool.


Helping our Community 

These facilities will be made available to nearby schools, other orphanages, community centers and other NGO youth groups.  Finally, a Chapel will be outfitted with seating accommodation, minimum one hundred persons, and a Hall area with a stage and the necessary sound engineering technology to accommodate different social events for the people in the community. 


Community Hospitality 

Goods and services to the wider community in which it exist will include: - a Bakery (Baker’z Palace) which will be run by Mrs. Benecia Jaggernauth; Computer Maintenance and repairs; and of course as mentioned above the recreation facility.


Health Care 

The health facility will provide basic health care from pressure testing, dental care, and minor medical attention to all guests and scheduled registered nurse visits as well as dentists and optometrists as deemed necessary.


Where are we in time? 

Since the Hope Centre opened its doors, we were able to reach out to the needy and homeless in a greater capacity. At present we are caring for two young battered women and eleven children. We were able to distribute Food and Clothing and Shelter to those in need, because of free-will wellwishers and our self-sufficient operation with the farming area.



Our guest expectations upon leaving  

There will be apartments for rental by those guests who have completed the programme and is waiting to return to the world at large. This rental will be affordable at minimal cost as Part of the program is to provide income during their rehabilitation time at the centre. It will give each successful guest a sense of responsibility, ownership and accountability as is necessary when they return to society at large.




  • A leader know where he is going, also can inspire others to go with him. 

  • Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.




  • Computer training 

  • Aqua farming introduction 

  • Live stock farming introduction 



  • Home work centre

  • counciling session 

  • Tours and Introduction 

Crisis intervention and advocacy services for all manner of abuse.

Safety planning

Information, education and referral


drop-in hours per week with

trained adult staff and volunteers

Support for youth around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity

 24 hour on going support 

Crisis intervention

Mental health counseling

Navigation of legal and medical systems

We are always in the process of updating our website,

so please do stay tuned for further updates.


Thank you for visiting!

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