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Trinidad and Tobago Hope Centre 

   "A Haven for battered women and children" 

on our latest outreach project

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Trinidad and Tobago Hope Centre
Front View
Side View
Existing floor plan
proposed livestock area
proposed farming area
proposed farming area
proposed livestock area
livestock area
livestock area
members of JCOM first visit
church members first visit
Construction/repairs begins
construction and repairs
Layers Pen #2
construction of Pond #1
Members volunteer for the cause
construction on farming area
work in progress
members volunteers for the cause
Tilapia pond #2,#3
Bro Markus a supporter of TTHC
single bath/tub
corridor view of bath area
corridor view
demolishing of previous single bath
catering for more baths/toilets
catering for more baths/toilets
constructing extra baths/toilets
roof repairs
setting up of Aquaponic farming
Pond #1 for Tilapia farming
First fruit Tilapias
previous fellowship hall view
extension of fellowship hall
Expansion of the fellowship hall
ministers volunteering their talent
Layers Pen
preparing the layers pen for chicks
our first fruit chicks


front present view
Proposed North Elevation
proposed ground floor plan
proposed first floor plan
Eastside present view
Proposed East Elevation
Westside present view
Proposed West Elevation
Proposed South Elevation
previous fellowship hall view
extension of fellowship hall
new fellowship hall
new fellowship hall
newly renovated Bedroom #2
newly renovated Bedroom #2
upgrades on Bedroom #3
newly renovated Bedroom #4
kitchen (as is)
new corridor view
progress of additional baths
progress of additional toilets
new baths
Aquaponics - Lettuce
Missionary Chris on a mission
agriculture area
agriculture area
pumpkin from the farm
Tilapia Pond #1
Tilapia pond #1
Tilapia farming
Tilapia farming
Trinidad and Tobag Hope Centre
First fruit pigs
our recent addition - 6 piglets
Bro Cecil working hard
Preparing the boxes for the layers
layers getting familiar with the box
      Trinidad and Tobago Hope Centre 

Trinidad and Tobago Hope Centre is a non profitable organization. That is registered under the republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The organization registration number is C2013041602777



O- Our 

P- People 

E- Excel 





The Hope Centre promises to be unique in its operation. It will be self sufficient upon completion. Offering to our “guests,” shelter, food, healthcare, recreation, education, training, employment, restoration , making each and everyone marketable to face the world again and be productive contributors to the society at large and most importantly to God’s kingdom.
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We are always in the process of updating our website,

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